Together with their principal SAL, Alex. Birger Grieg A/S secured the award of 2 consecutive voyages with a total number of 8 Drilling Templates for the GOLIAT Project. The unique design and capabilities of the SAL 183-Type, enabled the SVENJA to load 4 Drilling Templates per shipment, all by use of own gear.

The voyage from Egersund to Hammerfest, was due to the season a challenge, where the SVENJA proved to be the optimal way of performing the transportation.

Dims. of the templates:
4 templates, each 33.40 x 23.09 x 16.50m / 311 mtons
4 templates, each 33.40 x 23.09 x 13.50m / 299 mtons

Egersund Panorama_edited-1IMG_4393